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Integrated Marketing
and Advertising Campaigns

In today's economic climate, companies of all sizes are looking to maximize the value and ROI of their Marketing and Advertising dollars. While some have invested in traditional means, other have directed their efforts to strengthening their online presence. Still others have engaged in both, but many cases have done so with minimal continuity across media. The smart money is in fully integrated Marketing and Advertising campaigns.

Working with your existing campaigns, Fahrenheit674 will evaluate the different facets of your communications and execute a plan to harmonize and strengthen your presence across all relevant media. Our evaluations can weed out underperforming campaigns, bolster effective media, and deliver a strategy to engage in relevant unexplored spaces.

With Fahrenheit674's award-winning concepts and designs, your creative doesn't have to simply fall within brand. We can provide you with innovative and flexible new directions that can strengthen your message within an integrated framework. By utilizing intelligent and inventive campaigns across different media, you can accurately target your audiences, spend less to accomplish your desired return, and effectively cover a broader media scope.

Social Networking
and Social Media

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For those of you who thought it was just a flavor of the month or are praying that it will simply go away, Social Media - for better or for worse - is here to stay. The ability to communicate to peers and others committed to similar interests seems to be too much for most of the world to resist.

As a business tool, many companies large and small have ventured blindly into this space. While Social Media has carved its place into our culture for the long haul, it may or may not be relevant for you as a business presence.

With our knowledge and experience in this space, Fahrenheit674 can examine your business needs and guide you through the potentials of Social Media. If an applicable business use exists, we can develop and execute your customized plan while monitoring effectiveness.

Social Media by definition is ever evolving. By staying on top of this evolution, we can help to determine whether it should be a part of an integrated campaign, an addition to your online presence, a stand-alone entity to increase awareness for your brand, or simply irrelevant to your growth.
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